Today’s world is heavily influenced by IT systems. Computers and software make our life easier, provide us with real-time communication all around the world, automate our production processes, manage our money. More and more companies and individuals rely on IT systems for their daily business, which implies that reliability and security of IT infrastructure becomes an increasingly important factor.

We support our clients in analyzing and evaluating their IT security risks by conducting design and/or code reviews in source and binary, by performing penetration tests and by providing individual solutions for custom IT security problems. We offer a broad spectrum of services - ranging from code reviews over penetration testing to our dedicated security services for agile software development.

Another element of our work is research. This includes both, theoretical and practical aspects in offense and defense: from improving the security of next-generation IT systems to building better reverse-engineering tools. If you are interested or would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us. Whatever the research outcome is - be it a conference talk, a paper or a tool - we believe that giving back something to the community is a good thing.

Please feel free to get in touch with us!