Pro-bono Pentests for COVID-19-Related Apps

Posted on April 22, 2020 by greg

What is it?

COVID-19 poses a grave danger to the world due to the high rates of spreading and the virus continuing to affect different geographical locations. A global slowdown appears to be a foregone conclusion to the lockdown.

To assist public health officials in their efforts to reduce the pace of spreading of the disease caused by COVID-19, several companies and independent developers are currently creating new applications and technologies. At the same time, cybercriminals may still try to take advantage of insecure software, seeking gains both despite and because of the crisis. Hence, the infosec community is initiating a pro-bono program aimed at helping healthcare organizations. Through this program, we offer pentesting services as a means to decrease the risks of cyberattacks and data theft.

Whether you are a member or leader of a larger organization or a developer interested in getting a pentest for free while you work on diminishing the effects of the global pandemic, please click the link at the bottom of the article and express your wish to participate in the program.

General Format

We welcome proposals from organizations and developers working on software and technologies aimed at slowing down the virus, limiting negative consequences of the outbreak or helping those affected. Any organization developing an app, website, software or comparable tools for fighting against COVID-19 and its implications can apply for this program to receive a free penetration test, inclusive of a report and additional support services. The program will be accepting applications from 22nd of April 2020 until 11th of May 2020.

Once the Call for Proposal is closed, the Organizers / Project committee will review the proposals on the basis of their suitability, excellence, impact and the COVID-19-related goals. The applicants will be notified by i.e. email about the outcomes of the selection process. The list of winners will be published after the notification was received and confirmed.

The selected organizations or individuals will then sign a legally-binding and mutual NDA with the organizers to make sure that pro-bono work happens in a secure framework. While the Organizers will do their best to accommodate schedules and technical preferences of the selected project-maintainers, they reserve the right to decide on implementation and timelines.

Project Committee

Participate Now!

The organization or individuals interested in this program can use this link to fill in a dedicated application form. Thanks for your interest and good luck!